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Does Marriage Counseling Work?


Every day thousands of troubled married couples search the internet for a counselor that can fix their relationship.  The average cost of a couples counseling session is around $100 an hour.


Many troubled couples believe that their counselor to bring some solace to the situation. Statistics show that the number of married couples that are willing to pay for counselor is equal to the number that believes that counseling will work.


With this said, does marriage counseling work? Or, is investing in marriage counseling $100 down the drain?


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Here is a profound statistic:  Roughly 90% of troubled couples that looked for expert advice ended up getting a divorce. So…does marriage counseling work? Sure, only about 10% of the time.

What’s important to consider is not the statistics of whether or not marriage counseling works, but the reasons why it doesn’t work.  And then understand how counseling can work to help a relationship.


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There are four main reasons why marriage counseling may not work.


Reason 1:


The main factor is that the marriage counselor is an outsider in the relationship. You and your partner have spent the past 365 days of the year with each other. There is so much more to the relationship than you could ever tell the counselor.



Reason 2:


Another reason marriage counseling may not work is because the information given to the counselor may not be accurate. You and your partner are more than likely not professionally licensed counselors. So, you may not know which information is important and which information is of lesser importance.


Reason 3:


The other obstruction to marriage counseling working can be Privacy. You or your partner may not want to divulge all information to your counselor. To be an effective counselor, your counselor needs to know private matters in a couple’s life. Most people don’t want to give very personal information.  Honesty is important in counseling. If you or your partners are not willing to tell the truth, you may not find counseling useful for you.


Reason 4:


Inexperienced Counselor:  How qualified is your counselor is in their practice?  Many times troubled couples are so desperate for help, they will seek the marriage counsel work statistics of any old counselor.


Sometimes, an inexperienced counselor can assign blame onto one partner.  An inexperienced counselor can cause more frustration within a relationship, because a partner feels like they can’t change. They may not even be sure they are the problem. So, one partner feels betrayed.


When an individual feels like this they may revert back to their negative patterns. Or they may act out in more destructive ways. These actions may cause harm to the partner or even to themselves.


Also, you may want to find out if your marriage therapist is married.  For obvious reasons, your therapist should have a successful marriage.


For these 4 main reasons, statistics show couples counseling will not work 90% of the time. So, if you and your partner are having issues, counseling may cause more disaster than refuge. Marriage counseling statistics show this to be true.


In conclusion, if you want to take your chances against marriage counseling work statistics, find a Credible Counselor.


Good Credentials, Noteworthy Reviews and a Good Marriage to Model are some Key Factors.