Bankruptcy Filings – Can Obamacare Reduce Filings?

Bankruptcy Filings – Will Obamacare Reduce Bankruptcy Filings


In a recently published article entitled “The Future of Personal Bankruptcy in a Post-Obamacare World,” The Wall Street Journal takes the position that a mandatory health care system designed to give people access to affordable health insurance will reduce the number of personal bankruptcy cases.


As we have noted in previous articles on our blog, medical expenses are one of the major reasons for bankruptcy filings.


The Wall Street Journal article, focusing on a case study in the state of Massachusetts, concludes that mandatory nationwide health insurance will make families more financially stable and keep them out of bankruptcy.



President Barack Obama himself has pointed out that 62.1% of consumer bankruptcies are medical bankruptcies, citing a study Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D., Mass.) co-wrote as a Harvard law professor.


With that said, mandatory health insurance has not saved Massachusetts – or the others states – from bankruptcy filings.


Massachusetts ranked 10th best bankruptcy filing rate in the United States, 11th if the District of Columbia is counted.


During 2014, Massachusetts residents filed at a rate of 154 bankruptcy cases per 100,000 people. That is slightly better than New York at 162 cases and well ahead of the national average of 292.


Our conclusion is that a personal bankruptcy will continue to be caused by a multitude of factors, and rarely will medical bills alone cause a bankruptcy filing.

With that said, ObamaCare may save a few individuals – perhaps thousands – from bankruptcy, and that is a good thing.


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