Patrick J Kennedy

Patrick J Kennedy – Mental Health and Addictions.

Patrick J Kennedy  (Former US Representative) – Has A Passion For Mental Health and Addictions.


Patrick J Kennedy opened up about having bipolar disorder and also being in recovery from alcoholism in 2008.  And, one of Kennedy’s particular passions is mental health.


Patrick J Kennedy is best known as a key supporter of healthcare reform.


Together with Pete Domenici, a Republican Senator from New Mexico, Kennedy campaigned to introduce legislation that enables mental illness to be covered by health insurance.


In a landmark move, the legislation was introduced, meaning that people who suffer from mental illnesses can now use their health insurance to claim for the cost of treatment.


It is clear that this legislation will benefit people with mental illnesses, as not only can they get the treatment that they need fast, they also do not need to worry about the stress of falling into debt in order to pay for their treatment.


These political and legislative moves are part of a very personal mission for Patrick J Kennedy, as he has experienced his own struggles with mental illness.


The speech in which he did so was made on March 7 to the Cleveland City Club. Kennedy’s mother is herself a struggling alcoholic, and has had alcoholism for many years.


As a result, Kennedy and his siblings are the legal custodians of their mother.


Ducere CounselingKennedy thus has experience both of the difficulty of struggling with and overcoming alcoholism from the alcoholic’s point of view, and from the point of view of the people who are affected by alcoholism.


Patrick J Kennedy’s father, Senator Ted Kennedy, also suffered from alcoholism. Those who wish to read about the late Senator Ted Kennedy’s drinking problem can read about it in the new book written by Patrick Kennedy, entitled ‘A Common Struggle’.


Patrick J Kennedy is known for supporting research into the neurological disorders that can lead to physical pain, mental illness and conditions such as alcoholism.


Most notably, he is the co-founder of the organization One Mind for Research.


One Mind for Research aims to increase the funds and other resources that are needed to conduct brain disorder research and thus to make this research more efficient.


Ultimately, when brain disorder research is at its peak, scientists will be able to better understand and to treat neurologically based mental illnesses, addictions, and other mental disorders.


As you can see, there is a common thread running through the life and work of Patrick J Kennedy: a passion for helping those with mental disorders, and a commitment to compassion.