Long Term Health Care Insurance Video


Randy Christian Coordinates Long Term Care Insurance for Senior Citizens.

Video interview of Randy Christian explains how he will take the time to really know his clients not just on paper- but in person. Over the last 30+ years, he has worked with people from all walks of life.

Mr Christian skilled at handling the most common questions and concerns, but he finds his greatest help is with Baby Boomers and Senior Citizens (ages 50 to 70+) with the concerns of Asset Protection, Long Term Health Care Insurance and Retirement Income.

Life expectancy now extend 17 to 26 years beyond age 65 for most and with medical developments forthcoming, we might find that number growing to 30+ years.

This longevity is redefining retirement and long term health care Insurance.

His approach of spending quality time getting to know the client and their concerns and particular situation, my long range vision and vast experience can help guide the forward thinking client successfully through next stage of life.


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