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New Technology Makes your Home Healthcare Devices Obsolete



Are you one of the many with a relative at home that is currently suffering from a chronic illness and you are gathering information about Home Healthcare Devices


Well, you have found just the right place.


Presently, advances in the healthcare industry have made it possible for medical care to be administered in a home environment rather than a hospital.


With this, patients suffering from chronic illnesses are able to receive the proper medical care and attention that they require from the comfort and familiarity of their home!


As a results, patients need Home Healthcare Devices.


Home Healthcare Devices, to put it simply, a home healthcare device is any equipment of product used at home by a person that is ill and/or disabled and are used to diagnose, prevent, or treat disease or other conditions.


Medical devices vary in purpose, complexity and application.


healthcare devicesIt is necessary that the caregiver or patient obtains training or some level of education to be able to use such devices appropriately, safely and effectively at home.


How do I maintain my home Medical Device safely and effectively?


According to research done by National Home and Hospice Care, most of the medical devices used at homes are kept under unsuitable conditions.



As a result, the safety and effectiveness of such devices are compromised, decreasing the device’s effectiveness and endangering the patient’s health.

It goes without saying that you need a safe and effective device for your patient or for yourself.



Here are a few suggestions on what you should do to maintain your medical device safe and effective.



Get to know how your equipment works.


Always ask your supplier or doctor questions before using the device.


Learn how to properly use your medical device, even if it means getting some training from specialists.


Learn the specific function of each feature of your device so that you will be able to fully take advantage of its benefits.


Remember, your health or the health of your patient may be at stake.


Take adequate care of your equipment and carefully follow the instructions.


Make sure you follow the manufacturer’s instructions closely when you are cleaning, replacing a part on the device or even charging your device.


Make sure that you check on the safety precautions you need to comply with during transportation of the device to prevent damage.


It is recommended to educate your guardian or caregiver about your equipment.


Your family should you also be aware of the function and proper usage of the device in case of an emergency and they needed to use it.


They may also be able to assist you should you be in a position where you are unable to adequately operate your medical device.


Keep your device away from children or pets.


Always keep your device away from children and or pets


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Do not allow children to play with your medical device as this can be a haphazard to their health and can also tamper with your device.


 Also, don’t allow pets to chew or tamper with the device, especially the electric cords.


Keep in mind that medical devices that have been tampered with may not fully function correctly thus decreasing the effectiveness of the treatment.



What are some of commonly used home healthcare devices?


There are many health devices used at home, some even more complex and sophisticated than others.


However, the type of medical equipment you need in your home will depend on the needs of your patient.


Here are some examples of commonly used home healthcare devices:


 Oxygen concentrators

 Hospital beds,

 Sleep apnea monitors,

 Body-worn nerve-muscle simulators;

Test kits;

 Ventilators and nebulizers (to help breathing);


 Infusion pumps;

 Blood glucose meters.



The final verdict:  It is worth to mention that nothing is comparable to your health.


Medical devices are a great alternative to costly and uncomfortable trips to the hospital.


They give you and your patient the benefit of obtaining treatment in a comfortable and familiar environment.


Always make sure that your devices are safe for use by giving them the adequate care.

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