Home Healthcare Companies


You may find seeking home healthcare companies for your elderly parent a challenge.


To make the process easier, let me explain many of the different types of services offered by these companies.



Here is your Quick and EASY guide to understanding Home Healthcare Companies:



Non Medical Home Care


Non-medical home care is a service to the elderly. It helps in assisting in activities of daily living.


These are also known as ADLs. This is to help them continue to live life from the comfort of their own home.


Home care is a model that can include both professional and informal support networks.


Examples are family, neighbors, and friends.


You want your loved one to remain independent.


These individuals work together to meet your goals and expected outcomes.


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Considering Your Options


When considering a home care services company, you may have a few questions.


The first thing to do is understand the difference between home care services and facility-based options.


Chances are you’ve heard a lot about different services.


These are nursing homes, assisted living communities, adult day care, and retirement communities. All of these have their own unique benefits.


Although, home care is often the most valued choice.
This is because many seniors wish to live within the space and comfort of their own dwelling.


Financial, social, and health situations will determine which options you choose.

Depending on your loved ones needs you may opt for non-medical in home care.


Sometimes you can’t take care of your loved one when you’re not around.

These services and providers can help when you need it the most. Let them take your stress from you while keeping your family in good care.



We Refer In-home Caregivers Who Can Help


In-home care is often chosen. This is because it keeps the family closer together.


You can start by understanding the various home care options and support services available to you:



• Home and community-based services: Helping with physical or mental limitations. They will still live in their own home.


Some are free while others are paid by the government.


These may be non-profits. Or they may be depending on qualification and need.



• Home Care Registry: This is also known as the Consumer Directed Model or Registry.


This puts families and clients in control of their care.
You may receive services from professional caregivers.


You may receive services from Home health Aides (HHA).


Or you may receive care from CAN’s or Certified Nursing Assistants.


They have many years of experience and are professional care-givers.


It’s common for home care registries to refer caregivers who have 15-20 years or more of experience.


They are used to assisting with the non-medical needs of their clients.



• Home Healthcare Agency: A home healthcare agency provides skilled care, physical therapy, and occupational therapy for home-bound patients.
It’s usually funded by Medicaid.


It will only pay for skilled care for a limited amount of time.


Home healthcare aides must follow a prescribed treatment.


This is of medical support as directed by a physician.
Home health care may include home health care agencies, medical equipment suppliers, and technology services.


Some even include hospice and therapeutic providers.
Please keep in mind when you opt for in home healthcare , Medicaid may not cover some services if any.



• Private Hire Or Independent Providers: This service usually involves the family sourcing, screening, and hiring a caregiver directly.


Be aware that this process may come with some risks.
You should know recruiting time is very resource intensive.


It opens many more possibilities that you could hire an unqualified aide. This may be unsafe.



Be sure to remember that non-medical in-home care is key to providing your loved one with support in their ADLs.


Their dressing, bathing, and meal preparation will all be taken care of.


Your loved one can rest within the comforts of their own home and feel at ease during this important time in their lives.


Hand over the stress and responsibility to a professional who works out of your home.


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