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Home Health Care AidesHome Health Care Aides-A Great Choice for Senior Citizens?


When senior citizens reach a certain age they should receive special type of care.


This is for those who are physically disabled, incontinent, or privileged people who lack the ability to fend for themselves.


Home healthcare aides are provided by home health care agencies.


Patients get the same special care as if they were in a nursing home or hospital.


Doctor’s and qualified healthcare professionals get together with home care providers.


They establish an effective service plan.


This plan includes services needed by patient, type/qualification of staff, and how often service will be required.



The type of caregivers can be put into two categories, medical caregivers and non-medical caregivers.


Usually, they are sought out by caring family members who want better care for their elderly loved ones.


Eventually some patients, with enough care are able to do everything on their own.


They recover greatly.


Others will need home health care for the rest of their lives.


In this case, it’s great to have a well qualified specialist.


Consider all the types of specialists you may need.


Medical Caregivers


One type of care is Nursing care.


This home healthcare aids is a form of medical care. This must be done by a registered nurse who is well qualified.


The nurse gives special care and attention to the patient. This relieves this stress from the family members.


Cancer patients benefit the most. The services are usually ostomy care, wound care, supervising drug intake, monitoring side effects, watching for allergy or worsening of symptoms, and giving IV or Intravenous treatments.


The nurse will work with the doctor to provide emotional support.


Home Health Care AidesThey will also help with pain control.


The patient’s family will be educated on the process. Both patient and family care needs are covered.


Physical Therapy In-Home Care



Locomotion is an important aspect to Home Healthcare Aides.


Physical therapy will be needed by most home healthcare patients.


They may need to get used special equipment in order to carry out their daily activities.


Many times patients have worn out muscles or long-term injuries that are in need of some therapy.


The nurses can improve the range of motion in the joints of their patients.


Physical therapist often act as personal care specialists as well.


This requires more immediate attention such as bathing.


Occupational Therapy In Home Care


Occupational therapists help patients in their everyday activities. They tend to be healthcare professionals.


Most with a strong background is psychiatry.


They understand stress, paranoia, or severe nervous disorders which are common among patients.


They instruct on how to eat, bathe, get dressed, clean, and other household chores.


Patients with Alzheimer’s disease can benefit greatly from this.


Speech Therapy


These home healthcare aides specialize in speech development.


They word on opening the patients vocal cords. Special techniques are used.


Many patients have problems with swallowing.


They have no mobility of tongue or may even swallow their own tongue.


Speech pathology may help in this case.


If you have a young autistic child they can also be helped by a speech therapist.






Volunteers may also help as home healthcare aides.


They can assist with transportation.


They can also assist with emotional support.


Additionally, they may assist with full supervision at home.


They have flexible services that can work with the doctor’s plan.



Volunteers may also help with paperwork or any side jobs the patient may need.



Non-Medical Care Giver



These home healthcare aides provide only non-medical help.


They are the ones who bathe, clean, and feed the patients.


They take them out to urinate.


They will also provide services such as cooking, laundry, and all household chores.


They may oversee drug dosage.


Usually a registered nurse is required.


This is important because you want quality care for your elderly one.


They should always receive specialized care.


Loved ones should rest assured that their senior citizen is okay.


Sometimes home healthcare aides may assist the patient on walks.


These are for the sake of getting fresh air and having some leisure time.


This is important because those in need of home healthcare aids may like to have some outside activities as well.


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