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Unfortunately, there is no sure way to find out if the geriatric care manager you work with will be the right one for you. There are many different types of care managers. A lot of them are connected to organizations dedicated to the elderly. Then there are others which are not connected to any single organization.



These care managers provide a phenomenal job for their clients through their own practice. There aren’t any firm guidelines or requirements for this field. Although, there are some questions you may want to ask. Here’s a list of questions when you’re seeking to work with a geriatric care manager:




Where have they worked before?




Home Healthcare NursingExperience is important at any job. Experience with an agency working directly with the elderly is greatly preferred. People tend to look for those with previous public health experience. In fact, it is an essential requirement for this position.




Your care manager should be able to provide you with some references to their work. Previous to employment, you should ask for these qualifications. They should have dealt with the elderly and be sensitive to their client’s needs. If they don’t have this experience you may want to seek another geriatric care manager.



What is their professional training?




When considering your geriatric care manager, insist that they have a license or degree in public health nursing. A certification in social work, health management, and other related fields is also helpful.



If you find that they don’t have a degree, do not write them off. If they can show you extensive work history and positive reviews take this into consideration. This will definitely compensate for the lack of degree or license.



You should consider doing your research on the online web. Many times clients leave reviews. These will be beneficial to you in picking the right geriatric care manager. If you see that the care manager only has 1 or 2 star reviews, consider other options. If they have 4 to 5 reviews than give them a call. It is important not to settle at this time, for the sake of your elderly loved one’s needs.



Does the geriatric care manager belong to any professional organization?





 This is a big plus. Although it does not ever guarantee work credibility, it does show willingness to be involved and their professional attitude. It also shows their willingness to have their credentials verified.


Usually the best professional geriatric care managers get involved with the community and like some recognition for their achievements. They also like to bring awareness to their practice.



What is the geriatric managers fee structure?




You will want to find out what you will need to pay and what exactly you will get for your money. The price range varies greatly from manager to manager.  There are some places that will offer special discounts.



Others may even provide free assistance to those who may qualify. Some offer a flat rate, while others are known to charge by the hour. All these things vary and will need to be researched before picking your geriatric care manager. Make sure to clarify this and to get the pay rate in writing.



Do they have personal recommendations from their previous clients?




To me, this is the most important question of all questions. You may have all the degrees and licensure in the world. This still may not ensure the best care for your client.



Providing at least one positive recommendation that will vouch for the quality of your work is a big game changer.  Speak with someone who has used their services in the past. This will give you a much better idea of what will come out of your time with the care manager.



These are not the only questions that will need to be asked when considering a geriatric care manager. They are just some of many. Although, these questions are a good starting point. They will make your road to finding a care manager much easier.



Take some time to write down whatever questions you may have been wondering about. It is important to be comfortable with your choice. It’s also important to get all of your questions answered so you know you make the right choice.



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