Children Counseling

Children Counseling


Children Counseling


Children counseling involves professional help, advice and support that is given to children and young people to help them deal with personal and emotional problems.


There is a huge misconception in our society that that counseling is for crazy people.


Truth is although counseling is not needed to cope with every other issue; sometimes it may be essential to seek counseling to enable your child deal with some difficulties.


Children and young people need counseling to cope with many challenges especially where they do not have a strong support system.


Many schools have in house counselors to help children deal with such difficulties.


However, this may not be enough and one may be forced to seek counseling or therapy to help their children cope and face their everyday lives.


Question #1- When do children need counseling?


Children may find it very hard to cope with a lot of issues some in and others outside the family spectrum.


While others may have a strong support system, others may need counseling to adjust to family and step family relations and to deal with issues like loss of a loved one, bullying, school problems, emotional and behavioral problems.


Question#2- When to seek counseling


There are many telltale signs that your child or ward needs professional help. When they are abusing drugs, alcohol food or when you realize a change in their behavior or temperaments, it may be that they are dealing with some problem they are finding difficult to deal with.


It is important to pay attention and not ignore any changes that a child develops.



Question#3- How does counseling help children?


When a child is having any of the above issues, they may start blaming themselves and they end up developing low esteem issues and a sense of hopelessness.


Seeking a counselor for your child will help them develop a positive attitude towards life and regain their confidence and self-worth. Counseling will also help a child to recognize their strengths and express themselves.


Question#4 -How to find the best or the right counselor for your child


Getting the best counselor to help your child is as important as the counseling itself.


It is recommended that you check to see whether your counselor has the right training and whether or not he or she has enough experience to handle a particular case. This is because different problems and developmental competencies may require alternative approaches regardless age.



It is also important to verify their competencies are to check if they belong to a relevant professional organization and to also ask to for referrals.


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