Harriet Coffee turns 100 years old

Elite Home Healthcare Services Client Celebrates 100th Birthday

Last Friday, March 18, 2016, was a special day for Elite Home Healthcare Services.  Ms. Harriet Coffee (a longtime Elite Home Healthcare Services client) celebrated a milestone birthday.

Ms. Harriet Coffee celebrated her 100th Birthday.

Several years ago, Ms. Harriet Coffee used to worry about her age as a number. But that was decades ago; now she sees it as an honor.

Ms. Coffee celebrated her milestone birthday by visiting Cracker Barrel and ordering a lemon pepper trout with all the trimmings.

“In the 80s and all, I wouldn’t tell my age,” Coffee said. “But as it moved on, I’m proud to be 100. God has been good to me. I have followed his teachings, and so he has rewarded me.”

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Home Care Jobs

Are you a Professional Caregiver? Looking for home care jobs? Join our growing family of compassionate Caregivers. Be a Caregiver!

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Each is solely responsible for selecting a care provider or care seeker and complying with local and federal laws in connection with a business relationship.


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Caregiver Jobs

Caregiver Jobs – A caregiver is someone who provides much needed care to someone who can’t provide it for themselves. Most of the time those needing a caregiver are adults or the elderly. Sometimes they are people who have been diagnosed with a disease and are unable to take care of themselves.



Caregiver jobs typically depend on the demands of the employer or patient. This person can either work independently or service in an assisted living facility or medical center.



You or someone you may know may be considering a shift in career choice. Maybe you need a career where there are no age requirements. Or maybe it’s possible that you are looking for a career that will last beyond your retirement age.  If this is you than you should definitely take care giving into deep consideration.



As you may know, caregiving entails a lot of responsibilities. Some people have a natural ease in caring for and dealing with the elderly. Most importantly, you must know all the possibilities and range of things that can happen while you’re on the job. You must be properly equipped to deal with problems that may arise when caregiving for the needy.



There are short courses that every caregiver must take. This may be a licensure requirement in your state. This will qualify you to become a certified caregiver. It’s also important to take these courses because clients may look for these credentials when picking you as their caregiver. By taking these courses you will be better educated and able to handle the pressures of caregiving.




When taking care of the elderly or needy, you will have to do more than just tend to their physical needs and demands. You will need to be in control of their medical requirements as well. That is why having a medical background or having some education in the field is essential.



It’s important to have a pleasant personality as well. You must have a good mental disposition. This is because you will have to watch over and care for another person. The client’s life is in your hands and their loved ones will need to know that you are in control and trustworthy. Not all older people or needy are the same when it comes to their temperament.



Some older people may be gentle and cooperative. Others may be difficult to handle. You must have a lot of patience and understanding. If you get depressed easily or are easily downtrodden yourself then this may not be the right job for you.



Caregiver jobs are not always simple or easy. Although, they can be financially rewarding and bring a sense of fulfillment to your life.  If you are the type of person with compassion for yourself and others then you would love caregiving.



The compassion of a caregiver is second nature to them.  They will likely have known all their life taking care of others is right for them. Whatever you choose, don’t forget there are special courses that must be taken before entering this profession.




 Caregivers are also known as home health or personal care aides. They may help in areas such as bathing, feeding, taking patients for walks, and taking medications to name a few. They may help patients with making appointments, providing transportation, or just being a companion and support.


According to statistics, caregivers typically make $20,170 per year (Bureau of Labor Statistics or BLS.) Caregivers must have great attention to detail and follow specific rules and schedules. They must be sensitive to the patient’s fragility. Caregivers make sure patients wake up on time and take their medication on schedule.



Some responsibilities even include light housekeeping. Some patients may not be able to move on their own but their homes need to be cleaned. Caregivers will tidy up the patient’s space and enhance their living situation.



Companionship is also a main factor in caregiving. You are there to be their friend and support through their difficult situation. You must have a can do attitude and bring a sense of order.



If you believe caregiving is for you then it’s best to take the appropriate courses and place your foot in the caregiving world!

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Home Care For The Elderly

How to find good home care for the elderly?




First consider the actual care needs and write out a list of items that need to be provided.


Be able to give an example of a typical day for the care recipient, from the moment they wake up until they go to bed and include a timeline of when they prefer meals, naps and other activities.





How much hands-on care is needed vs. companion care?

If more companion care is needed, make a list of possible activities.





Do you need a Caregiver who can escort the client to doctor’s appointments and social activities?


If so, what mode of transportation will they use?

Will the Caregiver drive the client in the client’s car?


Keep in mind that you may need to research your car insurance coverage if this is the case.


Will the Caregiver drive the client in the Caregiver’s car?

If so, be

aware that it will be difficult to be 100% sure that the Caregiver’s insurance policy is up-to-date even if you verify this in the beginning.


If they have a late or missed payment the policy could be cancelled without your knowledge.


Will they take public transportation (bus or taxi cab)?


This is probably the safest method of transportation to prevent the risks of insurance issues.


(Some cities provide special transportation privileges for seniors and you may want to contact your local Department on Aging for information).



Memory Loss


Is there memory loss?


If so, have you had the type of Memory Loss diagnosed (Alzheimer’s Disease, Huntington’s Disease, Pick’s Disease, Frontal Lobe Dementia, Frontotemporal Dementia, Lewy Body Disease, Normal Pressure Hydrocephalus, Vascular Dementia, Parkinson’s Disease)?


Blood clots and brain tumors may also cause dementia.


A diagnosis of dementia type will help the agency to better understand the care needs and assign a Caregiver with the right type of training and qualifications.





Do you need a Caregiver who speaks a certain language?




How many hours of care per day will you require?


Review the list of services you will need performed during the care visit and decide on the minimum number of hours per day which would work as a starting point.


The agency will need to know the hours of service to assign a Caregiver and will allow you to adjust the hours after the first week to accurately meet the care needs.




Are there any special cooking requirements?


Communicate any food allergies or specific cooking requests and consider how groceries will be purchased or delivered if the care recipient is unable to shop for groceries on their own.



Additional Skills


Are there any “skilled” care requirements, such as taking blood pressure, blood sugar testing, wound care or a feeding tube?


Communicate if these specialized services will need to be performed or monitored.



Medication Management


What is the care recipients method for managing medications?


Do you know for sure if the medications are currently being taken correctly?


Be able to provide a list of medications and the method of monitoring so the Agency will be aware of possible side effects and other requirements such as taking pills with or without food, etc.



Care Management


Will Care Management be required?


As Caregivers are responsible for providing the “hands-on” care, they do not have time to manage the overall care issues.


A trained Care Manager can supervise all of the care needs, from organizing medications in a pillbox and obtaining refills (due to insurance purposes, this service usually must be provided by a Supervisor or R.N. depending on the state laws), to arranging doctor’s appointments and other necessary services.


A Geriatric Care Manager will work with family members and take on responsibilities which they are unable to perform and provide professional expertise in guiding the long-term care decisions.


quailty home health

How to Choose the Right Companion Care

Companion care and companion care services are a great alternative to typical western-style medicine, as they emphasize a holistic approach to healing rather than just a medical and physical one.


They figure that not only to you have to be well, but you additionally have to feel well, and the way to get there is through interaction.


This is a critical need, as various studies and episodic confirmation point to the thought that with depression and separation comes a hastened condition of mental and physical decrease.


In this way, at home tend to your senior adored one can help to improve both the longevity and quality of their life – and yours.


Activities & Events


An expert in home care administrations laborer can go with – and transport if important – your elderly cherished one to occasions and trips, garments or blessing shopping, and so forth.


In addition to giving organization and discussion, an in-home care laborer can likewise assist your senior relative into and out of the auto and structures, and can help with little tasks while all over the place.


Numerous seniors stop going out and practicing their brains and bodies in light of the fact that they either don’t have anybody to run with, excursions are too troublesome unassisted, or both.


This significant issue and brought down the quality of life can be immediately determined by calling your neighborhood leading consideration organization now.




As we age we tend to have more medicinal needs, and frequently it can be difficult to comprehend everything that happens amid a doctor or dental specialist arrangement.


Additionally, numerous individuals incline toward the organization of somebody they trust amid medicinal arrangements, and this is particularly valid for seniors.


An in home care master can assist your with loved one recollect arrangement dates and times, give transportation to the arrangement, assist with strolling and moving around, and assist keep with following of the directions issued by medicinal services suppliers.


This is particularly critical if your elderly relative is experiencing any phase of dementia.


Help Around the House


It can be exceedingly exhausting to sit around the house throughout the day independent from anyone else – paying little heed to your age.


Be that as it may, when you’re more seasoned this kind of thing can continue for a considerable length of time, making seniors lose their inspiration and slip into a condition of decay.


It can likewise be hard to recall and finish the tasks’ majority that should be done every day with a specific end goal to keep up a sorted out, sanitary family.



Home Healthcare Nursing

What is a Homecare Company?

Homecare company is a service provider to those who are in conditions ( mostly medical-related) that inhibit them from carrying out the daily activities such as the elderly, those suffering from chronic diseases, those who have undergone surgery or have had an accident and are on the way to recovery and the disabled to attain independence.


Many a times those in these conditions stay with their relatives. However, for them to receive better support and become independent the home care services are indispensable.


What is home healthcare?


A well-trained nurse or aide visits the home regularly to assist the patient with day to day activities or medical care where necessary.


This is has become the most preferred choice for most people with relatives who need special healthcare services. Home healthcare is either part time or full time.


Home healthcare has kept changing over time and here are the services the patients can benefit from;


The patients are assisted in the maintenance of:


medical schedules,


toileting activities,




carrying out such activities as shopping, meals preparation, dressing,


keeping the house clean and accompanying patients to the physician.


How is an aide assigned to a patient?


Due to the separate cases patients have, there is the need to appoint a qualified manager for each case so as to provide adequate assistance.


The health agencies are charged with the responsibility of assigning a good care manager or aide for each instance.


The care manager should be a registered aide or nurse who visits the home, assesses and evaluates the patient’s requirements who then comes up with a home care plan and implementation in consultation with the client (patient), the family and homecare employees.


What are the 4 levels of homecare company?


Routine home care; the patient gets the homecare services at home or when hospitalized for a condition that is of non- terminal disease or illness. The care giver visits the patient periodically.


Continuous homecare; ongoing care is only given to the patient during the time of crisis to keep the patient suffering from a terminal condition at home.


Respite care; this form of care is provided to inpatients. The caregivers or aide visits the patient in a contracted facility daily to monitor and provide necessary care to the patient.


In a patient level of attention; here the patient gets care that cannot be provided while at home or when the home care program fails. All time attention is given to the patient in a contracted facility.



Ducere Investment Group

Ducere Investment Group Capabilities Narrative

| DUNS: 080341124 | CAGE: 7P8F7

Capabilities Narrative

Government entities such as the U.S. Centers for Disease Control, and organizations such as Community Counseling Solutions LLC trust Ducere Investment Group, Inc. with their healthcare management needs because of our on-time or on us guarantee, and our

passion for excellence in customer service.


Ducere Investment Group, Inc. is the leading minority, woman-owned, African American owned healthcare management firm in Georgia.


Core Competencies

  • Government Contingent Workforce • Non-Medical Transport
  • Insurance Billing Services
  • Job Training and Rehabilitation • Substance Abuse Programs
  • Wide Range of Professional Services
  • Counseling and Wellness
  • Data & Statistical Analysts
  • Program Auditing Services
  • Program Evaluation
  • Mental Health Services
  • Home Health Services
  • Home Care Services
  • Regulatory Compliance Audits


hospice care

10 Hospice Care and Palliative Care Tips


The Difference between Hospice Care and Palliative Care


Kimberly Tyler, a registered nurse, explains the difference between Hospice and Palliative Care. A client is appropriate for hospice, if they have been given a terminal diagnosis that is going to result in death within the next 6 months.


Palliative care is an approach that focuses more on controlling symptoms related to a chronic illness, such as pain or emotional stress. With palliative care the disease does not have to be terminal. Again, palliative care is meant to help you control symptoms of a of a chronic disease that you may have for a long time, but not necessarily the die from in the next 6 months.


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