Certified Nursing Assistant

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Certified Nursing Assistant – CNA



Certified nurse assistant (CNAs) are in high demand in the health care industry.


The doctors and nurses are involved in seeing that the patient is getting the best possible medical care that they can offer, which leaves little or no time to take care of the patient’s daily grooming needs.



What are the roles of Certified Nursing Assistant?



This is where the assistant for nurses plays an important role in the life of that patient.


The CNA sees that the patient is being bathed every day either on their own or with assistance from them. The assistant will also assist or wash the patient’s hair and see that they are achieving good oral care.



Positioning and range of motion are another way that the certified CNA can help the patient. For those patients who are bedridden or that do not ambulate, the nurse assistant will position the patient in rotation so that the patient is not laying on one part of their body for long periods of time.


The assistant will also move the patient’s extremities so that contractures do not set in.



Monitoring a patient’s vital signs is also an important job duty of this nursing assistant. They will check the patient’s blood pressure, pulse, respirations, temperature and weight as ordered by the physician. This important task will alert the nurse or the physician to any bodily changes in the patient that could play a part in their general health and recovery process.



What training is required to become a certified nursing assistant?



A nurse assisting employee is required to obtain special training in the health care field.


An exam to become certified in nurse assisting after completion of the training is also required. The requirements to become a CNA are different in each state.



Many hospitals and health care agencies offer the certification for nurse assisting training program for a fee and the agreement of working in their facility upon completion and certification.


A CNA can find employment in a variety of establishments, which include hospitals, nursing homes, assisted living facilities, home health care agencies, nursing agencies and working with developmentally and disabled individuals, just to name a few.



The job outlook for the health care industry, especially for assistants for nurses, is excellent.


There will always be people who need to have their health and personal care needs met while they are recuperating. This is what assistant for nurses specializes in.





What is the nature of work of certified nursing assistants?



The CNA is the first person that is involved in the direct care of the patient.


She is an extremely important person in the life of the patient. She is a highly valuable employee to the physician and the nurse.



If you are considering a career in certified nursing assistance you can apply for employment at a health care agency or nursing agency, a hospital or any other place that offers the certified nurse assistant program.


Training is also offered at various colleges or continuing education courses in most cities.



Rewards are great when you work as a certified nurse assistant. The warm heart, kindness and caring attitude are what this profession is all about.