8 Ways to Decrease Falls Among Older Adults



Fall Prevention measures to Help Caring for Elderly at Home



Falling is the 2nd major reason for injury related death in elderly people, following the motor vehicle accidents and are the crucial reason why older people lose their freedom.


Hence, it is necessary that elderly people and people who take care of them must employ fall prevention strategies.


The following are the several effective ways for caring for elderly at home


Providing a Safe Livable space



In many instances, the majority of senior citizen falls and injuries take place in a familiar home atmosphere.


Home healthcare nurses are available to make sure senior’s living spaces are secure, when they are visiting or even in their absence.


Elderly home care programs are designed to create senior citizen’s home environments and quality of living less hazardous and safer.


Giving Importance to Health care


1. Regular exercise, staying physically energetic and taking part in a exercise regime can enhance strength and their muscle tone.


2. Even little changes or a deficit in vision and ability to hear increases the risk for falling. The health worker can certainly help have his/her eye-sight and hearing examined often.


3. Being aware of the side effects of prescription drugs they take as they can mess up sense of balance and reflexes. This will help avoid fall.


4. Putting on proper shoes and avoiding unsafe foot wears , using a walking stick when walking to feel steadier are extremely important solutions to prevent falls.


Taking Home care preventive measures to avoid fall



1. Keep the stairways totally free of objects and always well lighted and ensure the carpet is securely attached to the steps.


2. It is always good to make use of the handrail while climbing the stairs.


3. Keep the lamp and phone wires away from open areas on to the floor and not to let newspapers or magazines lying on the floor.


4. Keep large area rugs flat by tucking down the sides with double sided tape, and remove smaller throw rugs which may slip.


5. Line the foot of the tub with non skidding mats or adhesive strips and install wall grab bars within the toilet and the tub area.


As we are looking for a society where elderly people can live safe and sound independent lives.


While falls really are a threat to caring for elderly at home and may drastically limit their ability to stay self sufficient and therefore following these proven measures can reduce falls and support the elderly to live much better and longer.


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