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care for elderlyCare of elderly -Caring for an Aging Parent


Care of elderly is greatly rewarding and also a way of giving back to them.


Although the idea is good the complexities involved may cause stress, anxiety and even bitterness.


Children who are involved in taking care of elderly (aging parents) should plan properly and ensure participation by all parties concerned to make the work easier and enjoyable.


The children should consider their options and select what is most appropriate for them.


Select the place of care for elderly.


The children should put into consideration the options available including home health care, nursing home or hospitalization.


Care for elderlyHome health care is preferred because the aging parents will spend time with their family members who make life interesting and fun.


It also provides the aging parent with the opportunity to spend time in a homely environment which is essential for recuperation, unlike a hospital-like environment.


The comfort of the aging parent is more assured in home health care as compared to the other two options.




In order to provide home care for care of elderly (aging parent) effectively, children need to have personal preparation, financial preparation, medical preparation and house preparation.


The personal preparation includes accessing the facts concerning how long the parent needs care, how the aging parent can contribute to maintained health, who are the people available to attend to them.


For example, will the children be required to seek home health care services or certified nurse assistant who is skilled in nursing.


Personal preparation is effective when the children involve the aging parent because their contribution is critical.


Financial preparation involves addressing matters concerning payments.


Care of elderly should not be the burden of one person especially when it comes to the financial aspect.


The children should find out any insurance the parents have and their personal finances and assess how far they will go in providing health care.


The step is important especially for home health care because the children might be required to hire a certified nurse assistant and other home health care services.


House preparation involves assessing any modifications or adjustments that are needed to make the home conducive to caring for an aging parent.


For example, the children need to consider the level of mobility of the parent and whether they need to make modifications such as new doors, door handles and sink handles.


Medical preparation involves ensuring that the medical wishes of the aging parents are honored.


This may include considering whether they have a will and whether they desire to have one and also whether they have appointed a health care agent.


Medical preparation also includes any final disposition wishes of the care of elderly (aging parent).



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