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Advice on Bankruptcy – The BEST WAY to avoid any potential loss of your income tax refund:


Is to discuss your situation with an experienced bankruptcy attorney or law firm, such as Georgia Bankruptcy Attorneys, a division of Brian Poe & Associates, Attorneys, PC.


In many cases we can exempt all or a portion of your tax refund, so you can keep the money after you file. The best guidance is to spend the money on goods and services that are reasonable and necessary.


Luxury good purchases like electronics, vacations and jewelry should be avoided.


Likewise gifts to family and friends, shopping sprees and gambling should all be avoided.


The following are considered safe (and to the extend that these are payments towards assets, these are most often “exempt” assets as well):



Auto Insurance
Auto Repairs (basic)
Car payments
Child Support Arrears
Dental Work
Medical Bills
Mortgage payments
Rent payments
Tax Debts
Utility Bills


If you are interested in filing bankruptcy, and need advice on Bankruptcy – Chapter 7 bankruptcy or Chapter 13 bankruptcy, please set up an in person consultation with an experienced bankruptcy lawyer at Georgia Bankruptcy Attorneys (d/b/a Brian Poe & Associates, Attorneys, PC),


an Atlanta law firm with satellite offices in Buckhead, Fairburn, Forest Park (Clayton County), South Fulton County (less than 10 minutes from the Atlanta airport), Union City, and various other locations in North Georgia, in addition to our downtown Atlanta office.


With affordable rates in comparison to bigger law firms, we accept payment plans and offer other flexible pay arrangements if you have a job or other income, and are committed to paying.

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