About DIG

Ducere Investment GroupThe People Behind DIG

Building great products and providing great service depends on great people. Find out more about what it’s like to work at DIG, where we work and what drives our company strategy below.


There are 3 MAIN SPACES that DIG operates in:


  1. Government Healthcare Management

  2. Government/Private Construction Management

  3. DIG Community Empowerment 


Our company has packed a lot into a relatively young life. Since DIG was founded in March 2012, we’ve grown to serve thousands of people around the world.


DUNS: 080341124 | CAGE: 7P8F7
Founded: 2012
Incorporated:  March 2012
Headquarters: 530 Suite A, Forest Parkway, GA 30297


Government/Private Construction Management


DIG is a leading builder in diverse market segments.  DIG thrives on making a difference for their clients, employees, and community.


DIG is headquartered in Georgia, USA Concentrating in select southeast markets throughout the US.


We strive to bring our values, experience and client-dedicated approach to all of our projects in simplified process.


Government Healthcare Management


Government  Entities such as the U.S. Center for Disease Control and Private organizations such as  Community Counseling Solutions LLC and Elite Home Healthcare, LLC trust Ducere Investment Group with their Healthcare Management needs because of our On-Time or on Us Guarantee, and our passion for excellence in customer service.


CORE Competencies 

  • Government Contingent Workforce 

  • Non-Medical Transport

  • Insurance Billing Services

  • Job Training and Rehabilitation

  • Substance Abuse Programs

  • Wide Range of Professional Services

  • Counseling and Wellness

  • Data & Statistical Analysts

  • Program Auditing Services

  • Program Evaluation

  • Mental Health Services

  • Home Health Services

  • Home Care Services

  • Regulatory Compliance Audits


Ducere Investment Group Community


DUCERE INVESTMENT GROUP, Corp. (DIG) vision is for an active, inclusive and just world where our communities are strong, equitable and sustainable.


“Investing in Communities leads to Personal Empowerment. Personal Empowerment builds Stronger Individuals, Stronger Individuals lead to Stronger Families, and Stronger Families lead to Stronger Communities.”


Building Stronger Communities: DUCERE INVESTMENT GROUP, Corp. (DIG) believes investing in Community Infrastructure is vital. Strong Communities with skills, influence, networks and local connections are essential for a healthier world.


DUCERE INVESTMENT GROUP, Corp. (DIG) has a wide and developing portfolio of activities reflecting major priorities for community development. The organization works across sectors and with a wide range of professions, from Financial to Health and Wellness, to support community engagement and community capacity building in any context.