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What is a Homecare Company?


Homecare company is a service provider to those who are in conditions ( mostly medical-related) that inhibit them from carrying out the daily activities such as the elderly, those suffering from chronic diseases, those who have undergone surgery or have had an accident and are on the way to recovery and the disabled to attain independence.


Many a times those in these conditions stay with their relatives. However, for them to receive better support and become independent the home care services are indispensable.


What is home healthcare?


A well-trained nurse or aide visits the home regularly to assist the patient with day to day activities or medical care where necessary.


This is has become the most preferred choice for most people with relatives who need special healthcare services. Home healthcare is either part time or full time.


Home healthcare has kept changing over time and here are the services the patients can benefit from;


The patients are assisted in the maintenance of:


medical schedules,


toileting activities,




carrying out such activities as shopping, meals preparation, dressing,


keeping the house clean and accompanying patients to the physician.


How is an aide assigned to a patient?


Due to the separate cases patients have, there is the need to appoint a qualified manager for each case so as to provide adequate assistance.


The health agencies are charged with the responsibility of assigning a good care manager or aide for each instance.


The care manager should be a registered aide or nurse who visits the home, assesses and evaluates the patient’s requirements who then comes up with a home care plan and implementation in consultation with the client (patient), the family and homecare employees.


What are the 4 levels of homecare company?


Routine home care; the patient gets the homecare services at home or when hospitalized for a condition that is of non- terminal disease or illness. The care giver visits the patient periodically.


Continuous homecare; ongoing care is only given to the patient during the time of crisis to keep the patient suffering from a terminal condition at home.


Respite care; this form of care is provided to inpatients. The caregivers or aide visits the patient in a contracted facility daily to monitor and provide necessary care to the patient.


In a patient level of attention; here the patient gets care that cannot be provided while at home or when the home care program fails. All time attention is given to the patient in a contracted facility.



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